RE: Planning for Where 2.0 press event

You can confirm my being there.


From: Michael P. Gerlek []
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 1:19 AM
To:; Dave McIlhagga (External); Frank Warmerdam
(External); Gary Lang;
Cc:; Kirsten Davidson
Subject: Planning for Where 2.0 press event

For the Where 2.0 press event, I have put the agenda, discussion topic,
and some "leading questions" on the Wiki at

All (participants and VisCom folk): please review this and send me any
comments you have.

As a participant in this event, you really only have two things to do.
First, while on the plane to the event, review the topic and sample
questions -- scribble down some notes for an opening statement and some
points you'd like to make during the discussion. Second, show up at the
assigned time and speak. That's it!

Also, I need the moderator and panelists to send me the following by
Monday, for inclusion in a press packet:
  * preferred email address
  * URL, if appropriate
  * employer and title
  * city, state/province, country
  * OSGeo affiliation (e.g. board member, etc)
  * short bio (~3 sentences)