RE: Re: some Vis stuff

Frank said:

Note that I am promoting formal sponsorship directed to
projects as the
mechanism to provide background support funding for libraries and
components that companies depend on. Of course, direct funding to
developers for specific features is also always encouraged.

We will definately need some coordinate between VisCom and
the Fundraising
Committee (FunCom?) to ensure that VisCom's message supports
or planned
fundraising approach.

Right. Note that my interest in this area is sort of aimed at the
initial steps of getting the awareness and visibility up for geo open
source adoption in general. My position is that we're at the early
adopter phase: some very high percentage of the companies out there
equate "open source" only with terms like "Linux" and "Perl", not
foundational (lowercase-F) geo packages. As we become successful in
addressing that, we can then leverage the resulting interest into

[on my playing with logos]
I suggest some caution on this front. It may be easier when we have a
sponsorship program because then the decision rule is that we

Yes, I agree. My page was only a stub to show what we "could" do, not
what "is". Ideally, there would be (at least) two pages: one with
OSGeo-official projects, and one with more general "affiliations".