RE: [SAC] Motion: Provide SVN and Trac services to the UbuntuGIS project

Hi Frank,

I'll defer to your experience on this one. Although I still feel that it would be healthier for the projects to maintain distribution-specific packages within their source trees, I can see that it would be easier for a packaging project to be off in their own world rather than interacting strongly within each of the software projects. And volunteers for this kind of work are hard to come by.

From: Frank Warmerdam
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009 8:18 PM
To: System Administration Committee Discussion/OSGeo
Subject: Re: [SAC] Motion: Provide SVN and Trac services to the UbuntuGIS project

The DebianGIS package maintainers were not GDAL commiters, though currently
Frankie is very good about passing back suggested fixes to GDAL. He has
never (in my recollection) expressed an interest in maintaining debian
stuff inside GDAL itself.

Note that the Debian folks are often driven loosely by the Debian release
cycle, and may not be particularly interested in refining GDAL for Debian
packaging while a major GDAL release is in Beta.

I'm not saying it couldn't work. I'm saying that it didn't work and
that it may not be realistic to expect tight integration between packaging
communities like DebianGIS and all the packages they incorporate.