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My understanding is that the administrator would be full time during the
transition (3 months?) and then 1/4 time for the next year at least.
During this time, a large part of their duties would involve knowledge
transfer to other admins within our community, hopefully a bunch of them
and globe-wide so that we always have someone awake who knows how to
fix/modify the current structure. They would also be working closely
with SAC in general to ensure that all of our needs are accounted for.


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The Peer1 quote seems to be reasonable, assuming we do need two servers
to get started. I missed a good part of discussions about the transition
plan a few weeks ago, so I'll just assume that we do know that we need
two servers and that someone has a clear plan for how they are going to
be configured and used. With respect to the hardware firewall, my
experience is that we can have very reliable software firewalls with
iptables. However the call to have a hardware firewall or not should
probably be made by the administrator who will setup and manage the
servers in the long run and who will be responsible for keeping them up
24x7 for the years to come. Same for backup system I guess.

Actually, what worries me the most is not the hardware but the actual
system administrator. It's nice to have servers but will someone be
there to take responsibility and maintain the servers in the long run? I
remember reading that a contractor would be paid by ADSK for the initial
setup, but will that person be around for the long term maintenance? If
that person walks away after 3 months are we going to end up with a
bunch of servers and services and nobody that knows anything about them?


Jason Birch wrote:

I've just had a follow-up call from PEER1 and they are willing to
waive the setup fees.

You have the contact info for the PEER1 sales rep in the quote; should

I let him know that Tyler will be following up?

If we are worried about ongoing costs, we could save some recurring
fees by going to a lower hardware level. I like the idea of a
firewall, but only because I'm Linux-impaired. I would think that we
might also want a VPN connection between that server and Telascience
so that our LDAP queries are encrypted point-to-point, but it would
also be possible just to set up a firewall rule to only allow queries

to/from those hosts.

Do we really want to commit to three years? I hate doing that with my



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Before we start renegotiation's with a vendor I want our Sysadmin to
review the proposals. This should happen late this week. In the mean
time it would be great to have input from the SAC membership.


Daniel Morissette