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The contact info for Peer1 is on the quote. If you need it again, send
me an email directly.


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On 8-Nov-06, at 12:08 PM, Daniel Morissette wrote:

The Peer1 quote seems to be reasonable, assuming we do need two
servers to get started. I missed a good part of discussions about the
transition plan a few weeks ago, so I'll just assume that we do know
that we need two servers and that someone has a clear plan for how
they are going to be configured and used. With respect to the hardware

firewall, my experience is that we can have very reliable software
firewalls with iptables. However the call to have a hardware firewall
or not should probably be made by the administrator who will setup and

manage the servers in the long run and who will be responsible for
keeping them up 24x7 for the years to come. Same for backup system I

Shawn - your thoughts on this? From talking last week, I believe you
were in favour of the firewall and some tape backup. and that you
wanted the 2nd server for failover and load balancing.

Jason - seems we have chosen the provider? What can I do to help
finalise this deal so Shawn has public infrastructure to work on?