RE: [SAC] WebDAV for

+1 from me, I assume mapguide and fdo webdav could then be moved from osgeo1 to the download server too...

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Subject: [SAC] WebDAV for
From: Howard Butler <>
Date: 12/22/2008 8:58 AM


After Martin's LDAP work and migrating the GeoTools project to OSGeo,
we now have the ability to do LDAP-enabled WebDAV on the TelaScience
blades. This means that once configured, people can connect to and place or change files with a WebDAV client. I
was wondering if there would be support for making all of the download
directories WebDAV-enabled, giving each directory access by its svn
LDAP group.

The biggest advantage of this is removing the need for SSH access for
most folks, as I think the biggest demand for shell access is simply
to copy files to the machine. If there is general support for such an
approach, I will make it happen and document it.

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