RE: [VisCom] A paper for the library

Hi folks,

I checked the permissions in the visibility project, and for some reason
"contributor" didn't have any permissions associated with that role
(hmm). Anyway I gave this role a solid base of permissions, including
"document suggest". Now, when someone uploads a doc, the project
manager will either accept or reject it.

If you want something looser let me know and we can just give
contributors the ability to upload docs directly. Permissions are meant
to ease pain and facilitate process, not put up roadblocks.

Regarding that "if you were registered..." I've seen that before, its
not standard behavior on CN, so I think it's a result of some hacking
done in the past. Auke, can you check into that?


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Ari Jolma wrote:

Ned Horning kirjoitti:


I just tried to upload a presentation to this site and ran into the


problem. Can you let me know what you did to get the iEMSs paper


I did nothing. I remember somebody with greater powers did it for me.


currently you need to be official member of VisCom *and* need to have
Project Developer permissions to uplpoad files (this is near to godlike
powers). Current procedure is to send it to mpg (VisCom god - ahm -
chair) directly and he uploads it for you.

Hopefully this will be a lot easier with the new Drupal Portal currently

prototyping here:

I suggest that you try to stick it in there somewhere and if you fail
comment on the Wiki page (trying to nudge you unobtrusively into doing
some volunteer debugging so that we get that badly needed migration

Best regards,



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Subject: [VisCom] A paper for the library


I joined the visibilitycommittee project and logged into the website


the page


still says that "*When you are registered
<; and logged in
<;, you could join this project


submit documents*". What's going on?

I'd like to upload the paper from

The paper is a position paper for the workshop 13 at iEMSs 2006
conference, it was written under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
License <;\. The paper was
published on a CD in the conference and is thus finished in a sense,


it is being updated at for
publication in a book.



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