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I've sketched out an agenda along these lines on the Wiki:


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On Wednesday 10 May 2006 17:41, Gary Lang wrote:
> I see.
> Then BOFs are better.

At the conference in Minneapolis last summer, Ned and I
pulled together a BOF.
It was very successful - we had about 30 45 people attend. The topic
was "Open Source for Natural Resource Management" - a bit of
a niche, to
be sure, but it was a good example of how a BOF can work out.

Many good contacts were made, we started a mailing list to share
conference/speaking opportunities. One trick was to have a
couple people
lined up to do some presenting.

If my memory serves me correctly, I did a bit of talking, Ned
did as well, and
Steve Lime showed off some MapServer applications and Brent
Wood showed us
some work he'd been doing with FOSS GIS. I can't recall, but
I think maybe
Franck Martin also presented a bit on maps in Tikiwiki (or am
I wishful

Regardless, the mini-presentations kick-started discussion
and opened the
group to realise the bigger/common picture that we all
shared. Other than
that, Ned and I just helped get the word out, find a couple
speakers and
casually facilitate discussion. I suggest we run a BOF at
Where in a similar
fashion. Especially if it means giving a couple more OSGeo
projects an
opportunity to do a very short presentation about their tools
(ones that
aren't on the larger agenda or wouldn't warrant a larger

Has anyone else ran one, or been at one, and can share their
thoughts about
how it ran?


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