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-2. Not a good use of resources right now. Also, I've been with other organizations where we do all the groundwork and reporting and then the consultancy adds content from other organizations, reformats and prettifies the data, then tries to sell the report back to the contributors.


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I have been contacted by GDS who specialize in putting
together reports
that are distributed to a large number of addresses. Their main asset
being that these addresses are highly focused and reach a
well defined
set of people at the management and decision makers level.
The current
topic regards spatial data infrastructures and
interoperability within
EU plus selected countries further to the east.

We (as company CCGIS) have done this kind of promotion with
GDS before
and the direct result was zero. Still, I wanted to let you
know about it.

If any of you considers this to be an important enough
channel to make
us spend €13,750 (which corresponds to Premium Sponsorship)
or any other
level please feel free to go to their web site and check out the
details. I have received an additional PDF document that I
can send you

Additionally you will have to contact FunCom. I am pretty
sure that with
some heavy dickering and the very good references that we
have we will
be able to reduce the cost considerably but I will not be
able to do it
myself. Too much else already.

In my personal opinion we should not take any action and
defer this kind
of thing for later. Please answer by the weeekend so that I
can give GDS
a reply on Monday.

Would this be something that we could vote for? The easiest would be
that someone votes with a -1 and we forget it.


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Subject: EU Infrastructure Report
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Hi Arnulf,

Good speaking with you today. Here is the information you requested
regarding the *EU Infrastructure Report. *Please feel free to take a
look at our website

The proposed package for *OS Geo Foundation* is as follows:

     * Position on the *Executive Roundtable* – interview with *OS Geo
       Foundation* executive
     * *OS Geo Foundation* to take a *Single Page
Advertisement* in the
       premium position of outside back cover, with a free reprint
     * Additional 1000 word *Case Study* or *Technical
Article* online.
     * Entire editorial presentation along with company logo and
       hyperlink will appear on the EU Infrastructure website <;
     * *42,000 controlled distribution* of report
     * *Lead Management Service*- Individual username and password
       provided to login
     * *Circulation Manager*
     * Full resources of GDS production and editorial team
upon request
     * Additional circulation to the top Trade Shows and Seminars

Total cost: €13,750

I look forward to speaking with you again on Monday, when I can answer
any questions you may have, and look to allocate this position to you.

Kind Regards,

Jessica Watkins, on behalf of

Holly Windsor

GDS International

Level 1, Park House

Greyfriars Road


CF10 3AF

Tel: +44 2920 663 980

Fax:+44 2920 663 994

Mobile: +44 7702 482 918

<> <;

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