RE: [VisCom] EuroOSCON planning?

The show plan for EuroOscon is attached - it is my understanding that
Arnulf is the main contact for OSGeo for European events and has been on
holiday - he is back now I see.

The plan for FOSS4G is also attached - both events are discussed weekly
-- Tues @ 8am - last week no one called in but hopefully everyone will
be available tomorrow.



From: Gary Lang
Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2006 4:33 PM
Subject: RE: [VisCom] EuroOSCON planning?

What is ADSK doing? I have no clue. LisaL?

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On Sun, August 13, 2006 22:01, Jo Walsh wrote:

dear VisCom,

I keep hearing EuroOSCON rumblings on IRC. I'm wondering what's
happening with this - who else is planning to be there - what kind of
means and plans OSGeo's dedicated Visibility people have for improving
European Visibility - here's my notes and questions:



Not many Europeans around... and my self so far stored it under
I had hoped to hop on the Adsk train just as I did at Where 2.0 and I am
definitely not up to date. I hope that someone can shed some more light
what has hopefully already been done.

If we have a booth we can produce printed material and deliver it. If
content from the VisCom library needs to be worked over it should be
well before FOSS4G anyway. But we have a good stack to start on. We can
also bring a banner and some notebooks.

What is Autodesk doing there? Any chance of joining in?

We will not have that many volunteers to staff a booth due to the high
entrance fees, preceding FOSS4G and upcoming Intergeo 2006.


FOSS4G Show Plan-v1.doc (1.14 MB)

EuroOSCON Show Plan-v1.doc (112 KB)

Hi Lisa,
I just talked with Arnulf and he is confirmed for the meeting tomorrow morning. I’ll join as well, to give some backgrounder info/ideas as needed. Otherwise, Arnulf is your man for the job :slight_smile:

Note for VisCom: Autodesk has weekly meetings going over these events. Since we have VisCom on Thursday, Arnulf and I can give an educated update as to where we are at.


On 14-Aug-06, at 10:17 AM, Lisa Landers (Temp) wrote:

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