RE: [VisCom] FW: OSGeo at Location Intelligence conference

No stake -- just a list of possible shows -- by no means complete --
just a starting point.


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From: Michael P. Gerlek []
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 4:14 PM
Subject: [VisCom] FW: OSGeo at Location Intelligence conference

This sounds like a good show to be at (and word is that DaveM is already
submitting something businessy to this conference) -- BUT, let us keep
in mind that there are a lot of good shows we could be at.

I suppose this will force the question of exactly which shows to target
next year, and for how much.


Anybody willing to put an initial stake in the ground?


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Subject: RE: OSGeo at Location Intelligence conference

Thanks for contacting me. One of the objectives of the Location
Conference next April is to continue to address the challenges and
of deploying open source solutions. At this year's conference, Adena led
panel discussion with Gary Lang, Dave McIhagga, Brian Timoney and Chris
Holmes which went very well. Other speakers at the conference also spoke
about open source tools.

Next year we hope to expand the program to include at least one
session and one workshop. This is where I see OSGeo being a contributor
sponsor. I would also offer you the opportunity for a reduced fee for
membership to attend our conference for helping to promote the event,
and if
you wanted to entertain the idea of having a mini users group meeting,
could probably work an arrangement for securing space. Certainly having
booth at the event is additional opportunity.

Given these opportunities, I'd like to know where we can work together
mutual benefit. So, to summarize:

OSGeo can:
1. Sponsor a technical workshop
2. Become an exhibitor
3. Participate on Panel Sessions
4. Contribute user-oriented presentations (See speaker guidelines at:
5. Become an organizational partner to promote LI 2007 in exchange for
reduced registration fee for members
6. Use LI 2007 as a venue to sponsor a mini-user's conference

Review the possibilities and when you have determined how you want to
participate, I can offer guidance on costs or shared expenses. Let me
your thoughts and I look forward to working with the OSGeo board on this

Sincere regards,

Joe Francica
Editor-in-Chief & Vice Publisher
Directions Media
Direct: 256-650-0205
FAX: 240-250-7257
Mobile: 256-509-3661
Come to Location Intelligence 2007 - San Francisco

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From: Michael P. Gerlek []
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 5:59 PM
Subject: OSGeo at Location Intelligence conference


Frank Warmerdam told me that you and Adena were interested in having
some presence by OSGeo and/or the open source GIS community at the
Location Intelligence conference -- sounds like a good idea. I'm in
charge of coordinating OSGeo's event participation, so I'm probably your
best first point of contact for talking about this...

OSGeo has done a number of shows now, ranging from fully staffed booths
to workshops specific to keynotes. What sort of participation did you
have in mind?

Vice-President for Visibility/Promotion, OSGeo

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