RE: [VisCom] FW: OSGeo proposal?


My recommendation was to go with this quote as the ones I received were
in the $12k-16k range.

This is very necessary. This will give OSGeo a proper tool box that will
make anyone involved with a presentation, web site update, printed
material, signage, etc --- lives much easier.

It can also save money -- for example -- at OSCon, literature had to be
replenished via Kinkos @$2/per page -- 2 sided color copies. Had there
been a BW version the cost would have been .20 per page.

THANKS to Michael for working on this!

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From: Michael P. Gerlek []
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 3:00 PM
Subject: [VisCom] FW: OSGeo proposal?

For your consideration and discussion, attached is a proposal for the
"logo and branding" work I've been on about lately. It came in at $7K,
spread over four different phases; I think it is reasonable, but in any
case Lisa is scouting for a couple competing proposals so we'll get a
good idea of things.

Does VisCom as a group feel this effort is worth pursuing?

If so, I'm thinking that when the Board has their face-to-face it might
be nice to get them to give their approval (or disapproval) for the
expenditure. We need not commit to a vendor at this point, but we could
request they approve VisCom to spend $X on the project which would free
us to move as we saw fit.

/me sits back and prepares to watch the fur fly



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Here is the proposal. I have included everything we discussed, including
brand guidelines.