RE: [VisCom] Next meeting of Visibility Committee?

I've added my thoughts.


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Arnulf Christl wrote:
> Daniel Brookshier wrote:
>> Can we get a meeting scheduled? We should really schedule
a regular
>> IRC meeting so that we can do a little brainstorming and
vote in members.
> Yes you are right. Last time we met on Skype we decided to
wait until
> the other committees' meeting slots settled so that we
don't overlap too
> much. I guess you will know about most other meeting dates,
could you
> please propose a meeting for VsiCom in the Wiki?
>> Right now I think there is a lot of stuff related to
events, but we
>> need to look at the following:
>> Officially vote on committee membership (list still shows
>> Members')
>> Process for press releases
>> Developing a contact list for promotions (news organizations and
>> related web sites)

Hi WebCom,
for this topic I believe that we need someone from WebCom to join in:
>> Evaluate web site stats

Go to:
for the agenda, it might still grow. Daniel will suggest a
meeting time
and date.

Regards, Arnulf.

>> Work out todo list
>> Other things we can come up with
> I added these as topics to the agenda:
> Best regards,
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