RE: [VisCom] Nomination of Peter Moran to VisCom

+1 from me -- I don't know Peter, but if he is a real-live, credentialed
marketing guy that would be a good addition since the rest of us are all
(I believe) mkting amateurs.

(BTW, I am now finally back in the office after +2 weeks of personal and
business travel. My OSGeo mail folder is stuffed, but I expect to be
caught up and contributing stuff within a few days.)


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Subject: Re: [VisCom] Nomination of Peter Moran to VisCom

> I will second that - having worked with Peter previously he
will be a
> tremendous asset.
> Dave
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> Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 23:46:47
> Subject: [VisCom] Nomination of Peter Moran to VisCom
> Greetings,
> I am nominating Peter Moran for a seat on VisCom. Peter can provide
> professional expertise to our group. In addition he will be
able to throw
> weight behind out efforts with his network and resources. I
have added
> Peter to the list if you have any questions.
> Here is a short bio:
> Peter Moran started in GIS digitizing maps and creating
geographic data
> products at Geographic Data Technology (now TeleAtlas) in
LymeNH. Other
> GIS-related work stints include 2 years at CACI performing
project work
> for federal transportation agencies in Rosslyn, VA, and
nine years at ESRI
> in Redlands, CA in various product and web marketing roles. He is
> currently a Sr. Product Marketing Manager within Autodesk's
> Solutions Division, managing product marketing for the new MapGuide
> technology.
> Do I hear a second?

how do we proceed correctly? Sould we vote for Peter Moran?
If yes please
reply to:

Add Peter Moran as member to the VisCom committee?
+1 from Arnulf

Peter Moran,
you could request for a role in the project if you were logged in.


Arnulf Christl

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