RE: [VisCom] Nomination of Peter Moran to VisCom

Thanks Michael. Some truth in advertising: I don't have an MBA in
Marketing, but I am real-live and have over 10 years of on-the-job
training in product and web marketing. Most of my experience is in
marketing commercial software products, so the open source angle is new
but exciting to me. We've been looking hard at RedHat and MySQL to see
how they perform the balancing act.

While my experience is in the commercial software world, I know what
it's like to work for small companies with limited resources. An
example is a solo consulting business I started in Seattle in 1998
before coming to Autodesk. I provided web marketing and search engine
optimization services. To get customers, I would just visit their
sites, then write up and send an unsolicited review of the site vs.
competitors to the marketing honcho. I quickly had all the business I
could handle, including Corbis, Marketwave (acquired by Accrumedia, I
think), and Chilisoft (acquired by Sun) in no time. Yeah, it was during
boom times : )

Here at Autodesk, I came in to do web marketing for AutoCAD 2000 in late
1998 and spent two years in the Platform Technology Group. Next came 5
years in our LBS division, helping to get that going and doing web and
product marketing (product naming, positioning, messaging, competitive
analysis, etc.) Now I've spent almost a year in our GIS division doing
product marketing for MapGuide, which I've worked with before.

Hope this helps,

Peter Moran

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From: Michael P. Gerlek []
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 12:06 PM
Subject: RE: [VisCom] Nomination of Peter Moran to VisCom

+1 from me -- I don't know Peter, but if he is a real-live, credentialed
marketing guy that would be a good addition since the rest of us are all
(I believe) mkting amateurs.

(BTW, I am now finally back in the office after +2 weeks of personal and
business travel. My OSGeo mail folder is stuffed, but I expect to be
caught up and contributing stuff within a few days.)


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From: Arnulf Christl (CCGIS) []
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2006 3:13 AM
Subject: Re: [VisCom] Nomination of Peter Moran to VisCom

> I will second that - having worked with Peter previously he
will be a
> tremendous asset.
> Dave
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> From: Daniel Brookshier <>
> Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 23:46:47
> Subject: [VisCom] Nomination of Peter Moran to VisCom
> Greetings,
> I am nominating Peter Moran for a seat on VisCom. Peter can provide
> professional expertise to our group. In addition he will be
able to throw
> weight behind out efforts with his network and resources. I
have added
> Peter to the list if you have any questions.
> Here is a short bio:
> Peter Moran started in GIS digitizing maps and creating
geographic data
> products at Geographic Data Technology (now TeleAtlas) in
LymeNH. Other
> GIS-related work stints include 2 years at CACI performing
project work
> for federal transportation agencies in Rosslyn, VA, and
nine years at ESRI
> in Redlands, CA in various product and web marketing roles. He is
> currently a Sr. Product Marketing Manager within Autodesk's
> Solutions Division, managing product marketing for the new MapGuide
> technology.
> Do I hear a second?

how do we proceed correctly? Sould we vote for Peter Moran?
If yes please
reply to:

Add Peter Moran as member to the VisCom committee?
+1 from Arnulf

Peter Moran,
you could request for a role in the project if you were logged in.


Arnulf Christl

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