RE: [VisCom] OSGeo at GeoWeb - PR opportunity

As it happens, I'd planned to to stub out my slides this afternoon --
although I'm not sure if Ron & Co. gave me a "full" slot for the OSGeo
talk or not (30 min talk + 15 min QA).

The talk is scheduled for Wednesday, not sure what time.

My talk was to be "What is OSGeo?". Will that conflict with what Dave
or the Autodesk keynoter (who?) will be talking about, or...?


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> We'd like to suggest that they shift the spotlight a bit to shine on
> OSGeo instead, and have the release talk about OSGeo involvement and
> sponsorship. I've suggested that they get a quote from Dave, who I
> believe will be speaking there.

I am hoping to attend this conference as well. The only
other person that I
knew was attending was Michael. I assume that we would then
have two slots,
one that Michael got for us (??) for OSGeo and was going to
use, and then the
Autodesk-related one. Guess we need to clear that up...


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