RE: [VisCom] OSGeo at GeoWeb - PR opportunity

Right -- all I had arranged is to just give a talk on the then-nascent
OSGeo thing... That idea goes way back to the "early days" of OSGeo when
I felt like I had to actually ask someone permission to speak :slight_smile:

I hadn't arranged anything like sponsoring, booth, bag inserts, green
laser pointers, etc.

I agree my talk might conflict with an Autodesk keynote, so we need to
understand who from AD is talking and about what.


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On Tuesday 16 May 2006 18:47, Dave McIlhagga (mobile) wrote:
> To clarify - I will be at where 2.O but not at geoweb.
> Mpg is our man at geoweb right?
> Dave

Ha, I was just emailing for more clarity. Michael, can you
tell me what
you've got arranged and if this overlaps at all with what
Peter has access
to? That's what I am saying we need to clear up - it appears
to me that
Michael had something arranged and now Autodesk has something else in


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