RE: [VisCom] OSGeo Presentation Template - Draft - Review and Comment by Tues 6/6

Using Perry's template, I dumped some (DRAFT!) content into it -- it
looks ok, but somehow seems lacking in color. See attached.

(Note I had to punt on the PowerPoint conversion as things came out
kinda weird, and I had some Issues with Impress not laying things out
the way I like them to, but it's a start.)

I'm thinking about playing with the following sorts of tweaks:

  1- a thin, clean green line below the title line?

  2- introduction of a new color to the pallette, to be
     used for body text (where we want to set something
     off from the default black)

  3- 1st-level bullets should be green; maybe slightly
     different shades of green as we nest in deeper?

  4- the "section" slide definitely needs another visual
     element -- maybe the "thin green line" from above
     could play in here too?

  5- I'm not sure I like the font -- a little too sans for
     my tastes?

  6- could the Giant Background Wheel be positioned on the
     right side, instead of the left? This might make it
     clash less with the left-justified body text [unless
     you're doing content with one of those right-to-left

Also, there was an Autodesk copyright on the master, which I removed.

I might play with this some more over the weekend and see what I can
come up with... but in any case, it's a great start and perfectly
usable for Where as is.