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when I'd prefer that say mpg could confidently say
yes to the
GeoWeb organizers that he could do an OSGeo talk...

mpg is busy doing budgeting and is going to keep his head down and out
of the crossfire on this one. :slight_smile:

For what its worth, though, I'll take part of the communications
blame/responsibility/whathaveyou on this thread: a number of the emails
going back and forth were being rejected due to people not subscribed to
the VisCom list, and I didn't moderate them through until 10am PST or
so. Hence, depending on what list(s) you are on, some of the dialog
would appear out of sync...


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Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Chris wrote:
>>Er, sorry?
> No apology necessary - you were feeling guilty and excited
all at once...who could stop you? :slight_smile:
> Re: Worldwind, I just think that we have some other great
projects we could showcase through a couple more lightning
talks instead of the 15 minute talk. E.g. MapServer,
MapGuide, GRASS, OSSIM, MapBender, etc. and even loosely
associated ones like osgPlanet if we wanted more eye-candy as
well. And we could justify all of them as being "standards
loving" too and not just under an OSGeo banner.

GRASS already has a 15 minutes slot... Maybe I could write back that
we'd like a couple more lightning talks, alongside a
WorldWind lightning

>>I'm sorry, the next time such a decision comes up
>>I'll leave more time for feedback.
> At least you didn't just discuss in IRC, let I'm always
tempted to do! It's understandable though, we're still
feeling our way through this. We're going to keep bumping
into issues like this where the board makes decisions that
overlap the mandate of committees like VisCom.
> Delegate...delegate, remember, you want to make the board
irrelevant, right? :wink: [referring to your blog]
Yeah, I do...

Though in this case I thought I was doing viscomm, checking in with
board. I think it's harder when we all wear too many hats... Though
yeah, so far only those who also wear a board hat seem quick to make
decisions, when I'd prefer that say mpg could confidently say
yes to the
GeoWeb organizers that he could do an OSGeo talk...


> Thanks,
> Tyler
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