RE: [VisCom] Re: OSGF at Where 2.0

VisCom members,

Autodesk will be donating booth space at Where 2.0 in San Jose to OSGeo.
This consists of:

Two 6' tabletop displays (pop-up booths allowed) in premium location in
Exhibit Hall
Includes 2, 6' draped counters (20 linear feet)
2 counter height stools
8' high draped backwall to hang banner
Carpeted room (no need to rent carpet)
High speed Ethernet Internet connection
Electrical Connection for two computers

We will determine staffing and projects to be shown once participants
are identified. I'll set up a wiki page for this event to collect and
organize this information.

There are also other opportunities - logo placements, banners, listing
in the conference program and web site where we can promote the

Logo development is a critical item and we need to wrap up the contest
and refine the selected image asap in order to have a visible presence
at Where 2.0.

Peter Moran

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> I'm checking to see whether we have a .org

expo hall or something similar. Failing that, I'm happy to throw you


free pass to make it easier for you to come.

Hey Nat, we had a 'visibility committee' meeting for OSGeo today, and
one of the topics was OSGeo presence at Where. Things are looking
great, thanks for the solid open source focus. And at the board meeting

tomorrow we'll figure out who should do the 15 minute spot and get back
to you.

But one question that came up was if there was going to be some sort of
exhibition area? We're going to have a number of OSGeo members there,
and so would have enough people to staff such a thing. A donated booth
would be great, or we also can likely link up with Autodesk - but
autodesk folks were unsure if there were going to be exhibitions, and if

they get one by virtue of being a sponser.

I'm ccing the viscomm list, which is tasked with things like
coordinating conference presence for OSGeo (coherent message from
multiple speakers, who's doing booth time when, ect.). I've caught them

up on what's been talked about so far.

best regards,