RE: [VisCom] sanity check a lightning talk abstract?


Not sure if this helps your creativity for the title but there is some
irony in the fact that you're bringing together geographically
distributed teams to build applications to understand the geography.
Spatially distributed teams collaboration on spatial technologies, one
world mapping itself, something along those lines...

Just a message from the peanut gallery :).


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Subject: [VisCom] sanity check a lightning talk abstract?

dear VisCom,

I'm hoping to give a lightning talk at OSCON. I wonder if you would
quickly sanity check my abstract which was due like an hour ago for
"on-message"-ness. Generally i would be really interested in
help/feedback from VisCom in creating a short presentation.

"The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is on a mission to support
and promote the collaborative development of open geospatial
technologies, data and standards. This is a short story about what a
new kind of software foundation is offering to projects, to members
and to the public."

I can't think of a snappy title either. "Spatialise your hive mind"
maybe :wink:
Mpg, i'm sorry i missed yr meeting, i am startlingly sick today :/.


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