RE: [VisCom] T-shirts

Did Tyler just call my bluff..? Hmmm. If I had a mandate to do so, I
would hypothetically make some points something like the following:

* All the OSGeo folk attending Where 2.0 will want one.

* Short time line, so let's make the aesthetics issue easy --
  I suggest we all look like Peter's ad: solid black shirt,
  subtle green logo on pocket in "OSGeo green". Solid black
  might be hard, though, so we might need a 2nd choice dark

* We want "nice" shirts (like a "polo" or something, not your
  basic T-shirts). Out in-house shirt-person uses a local company
  that doesn't have a website (grrr...), so I'd be looking at
  something like good old Lands' End:

  or specifically this

  At Lands End there is some flexibility of allowing people to
  choose different styles, as per this link:

* We will ask the Board to pay, but I will get per-each costs in
  case they don't come through and we choose to pay for our own.

* If we do wind up paying for these "privately", me and my buddy
  Guido here will take on the financial risk.

* The "logo setup" cost is the hard part (~$100 range).

* If this is a funded marketing activity, might we want to get
  some extras as give-aways to VIPs we want to impress?

Comments? I would need someone with Fashion Sense to choose the color
and appropriate style(s) of shirts.


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I'd gladly buy one to wear too. I don't think there would be
much risk in just getting some done at a reasonable price.
That is, if someone doesn't mind risk managing it :wink: If you
get an idea of cost, let us know Michael.