RE: [VisCom] Where 2.0 Press Event/Developer Roundtable - Location

I would encourage all members of VisCom to attend and
observe/participate as appropriate. Maybe just hold back from jumping
in a seat right away. I don't see anything wrong with a "standing room
only" event, which can create a buzz. Not to mention a free lunch.

Kirsten's done all of our work behind the scenes and has a better feel
for the press. Kirsten, what do you think?



From: Tyler Mitchell (External)
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 2:55 PM
Subject: Re: [VisCom] Where 2.0 Press Event/Developer Roundtable -


Can you give us some guidance on who else should be there? Should the
rest of us show up/attend, or leave room for press, etc? Not sure how
'public' the event is...


On 6-Jun-06, at 2:51 PM, Peter Moran wrote:

The location for the Press Event/Developer Roundtable at Where 2.0 on
Wednesday, June 14th at noon is the Redwood Room.

Michael Gerlek has organized this event, and Rich Gibson will be the
on-site coordinator. Lunch will be available and members of the press
are being invited.

Please see
for details.