RE: [VisCom] Where 2.0 promotional opportunities

The placement is paid for. Degree of difficulty is low - all it would
take is to get the specs, and have a designer do some simple artwork
with the logo and tagline, and maybe some light animation. And seems to be an appropriate venue. So I suggest that we
use this item to promote OSGeo. We can discuss more here or during
tomorrow's meeting.


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I wrote:

>7. 20,000 online baler impressions on

0, what is an "online baler impression"? And would I really
need twenty thousand of them?

Google to the rescue: "Did you mean: online banner impression?"

Oh, duh, right...

I have no idea of the value of these things, being a lowly engineer. If
we had to pay for it, I'd say probably not -- we could presumably better
target that money to more geo-centric websites..?


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