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Sean Sternfeldt will give a lightning talk on MapGuide Open Source, and
has been added to


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Ok, I'm working with Nat right now on scheduling.

There are two to three open 5 minute spots in the conference, and so far

I've just heard back from Mark and Arnulf (I think) about wanting to
present. Frank is already confirmed for GDAL/OGR. Could you guys get
me your contact information and a brief bio, like: ?

Peter, can you figure out if Autodesk wants someone to do a lightning
talk on MapGuide?

And do either Tyler or Dave want to do a MapServer talk?

If all four are interested then we'll have to do one in the BOF (if
anyone has a preference for the BOF let me know). I (or Brent, another
GeoTools developer) can also do GeoTools, I'm fine with having that as
part of the BOF

Note one of the extra slots is in an 'integration session', that
GeoServer and WorldWind are going to do together. I was thinking it
could make sense to have MapBuilder go there, do some WFS-T editing that

shows up in WW through GeoServer.


Chris Holmes
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