RE: Where 2.0 press event thingie

Hello Team,

We are already actively pursuing the press, inviting them to the event.
In addition, we are planning a media alert that will be sent to the wire
the morning before and the morning of the event, which will include
information about the developer conference.

As we have press sign-up and confirm, I'll alert this team and keep you
up to date.

Lunch will be served and I'm taking care of ordering this as well, as
tables and logistics.

Anything I might be overlooking?

Kirsten Davidson
Brand Manager, ISD
Worldwide Marketing

Autodesk, Inc.
The Landmark @ One Market, Ste. 500
San Francisco, California 94105

Direct 415 547-2475
Fax 415 547-2222

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The Wiki page
has been updated with all the info that we know.

At this point, I think the ball is in Kirsten's court. The remaining
two tasks are:
  - get the press announcement for this sent out
  - organize any luncheon fodder we need