[SAC] .218 (blade 13) Setup Plans


John has installed a new (120GB) drive in the .218 (blade 13) server. I'm
planning to setup the normal stuff we do:


It is then my intention to clone the local accounts from the .219 (download
.osgeo.org) server and migrate all the /osgeo/download tree to the newly
available server. I will cross mount the drive on .219 and point
/osgeo/download to it.

My intention then is for .218 to take over as download.osgeo.org with lots of
disk space. .219 can retain all the other services, including stuff that
bundles up and packages nightly snapshots (for gdal and mapserver for
instance). With cross mounting of /osgeo/download and careful preservation
of accounts on both servers, we shouldn't have to change any of the scripts
and stuff that put stuff on download.osgeo.org.

Let me know if anyone has any objections or suggestions. I'll try to avoid
much disruption.

Best regards,
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