[SAC] Adhoc has been moved

FYI adhoc.osgeo.osuosl.org has been moved (I also added an adhoc.osgeo.org
so it's more controllable by us, but kept the osuosl.org for backward
If you had stuff running on it:


Please confirm your stuff is still working and if not, send me an email. If
I have not talked to you, your stuff is probably broken.
Send me an email to confirm you are still using it and I can resuscitate it.

If you need to get into the new one, you have one of two options:

Option 1 - the preferred is to go thru download.osgeo.org (note this only
works if you installed your ssh key in download.osgeo.org before I shut off
password access).

You can do something like:

add this to your ~/.ssh/config

Host old-adhoc.lxd
         User your_ldap_name
         ProxyJump your_ldap_name@download.osgeo.org

Option 2 - which I'd like to get rid of in the near future is to use port

ssh your_ldap_name@adhoc.osgeo.org -p 50024

I'd like to get rid of option 2 to reduce our surface exposure.