[SAC] ansible deployment status

I'm working on the ansibile-deployment repository to "secure"
changes I made to osgeo7-nginx to better support nextcloud.

In doing so, I've found that deplying that host with ansible
would currently change many things, which means some changes
were made on the host which were NOT properly encoded in ansible.

These changes are:

  - certbot ppa repository seems lacking (or would be updated)

  - some packages would be installd (or upgraded?)

  - 5 nginx config files would be uploaded (missing or upgraded)

  - ldap.osgeo.org nginx site available seems to be missing

The question is: are you all in agreement with deploying that
host (osgeo7-nginx container) with ansible ? I would then fix
ansible and ask you all to stick with it for future changes to
that host.

For those who missed it, the ansible-deployment repository is
a private repository on Gitea:


You need to login (OSGeo UserID credentials) and be part of
the SAC group to see it. The above changes have been logged
in an issue on that repository:



  Libre GIS consultant/developer