[SAC] [Board] Stepping down from my OSGeo duties soon


Thank you for your many year of service, it has been much appreciated.

I'm cross posting this to SAC (sys admin) list. Specifically those interested in helping with these roles should join the SAC mailing list
* *Mailman & Nabble * admin
* *OSGeo Planet*

Looking forward to new contributors.


On 7/31/20 9:37 AM, Jorge Sanz wrote:

Hello Board,

I was going to write to the SAC, but since this also affects what I
understand are other areas of interest I'm here bothering you instead :sweat:

As many of you know I've been taking care of small tasks around a few
systems for already a number of years (10 or 12?), and I loved it.
Unfortunately, I will need to take a long break on those duties starting
around November, so I writing to you to start to find volunteers on the job.

My current duties are:

* *Mailman & Nabble *admin: I create lists and help current admins on
everyday tasks as password resets, mailing archives, etc. At this moment
this is my most relevant duty, and I don't have a co-admin so we really
need to find a new one.

* *News Editor*: I forward messages to our announcements list and publish
them also on our website. @Astrid Emde (OSGeo) <astrid_emde@osgeo.org> is
already working on this but I guess she will need help since we have one or
two postings per week.

* *OSGeo Jobs Mailing* list co-admin with @Ian Turton <ijturton@gmail.com>.
This is a low effort, and Ian is already taking care of it most of the time.

* *OSGeo Planet*: this is mostly updating URLs and very seldomly adding a
new entry to the config
<https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/browser/planet/venus/planet_osgeo.config&gt; and
to the pictures folder
Corti <pcorti@gmail.com> is listed as a backup, but I'm not sure if he can
step in or we need to find another maintainer.

You see, it's actually not much, but my point is that I don't know much of
my availability from Nov, so I prefer to step back before being a
bottleneck, and I wanted to give enough time to work with the volunteers
over the next months to transition smoothly.


Board mailing list

Hi Alex, SAC

Vicky has volunteered to take care of the mailman & nabble duties. As for the Planet, I’m confirming also for a new admin.

Vicky, the most relevant bits of working with mailman are already documented here1. Most of the time is about creating new lists (and Nabble archives) and resetting passwords. Sometimes more involved tasks also come like renaming a list (stupidly harder than it should be), decommissioning one. etc.

I will add you to the next tickets coming about mailman and resolve them with you so you can get used to mailman and nabble interfaces.



Jorge Sanz