[SAC] Bringing discussion about emails and aliases from IRC here


Summarize a bit:
Right now there is an aliases on the president at osgeo email and it
redirects properly to my email. That's working fine.

We are on the F2F Board meeting and we discussed that it made sense to
be able to send emails with that address too. Plus, if we can keep a
historical record of conversations, it would be good. For example, I
have no idea what previous presidents have discussed and if there is
some kind of pending conversation in the middle.

Also, at this point, all emails should be redirected only to me. I saw
something on the IRC that there is more than one aliases, but that
should be legacy lines that shouldn't be there anymore.

So a proper email instead of an alias would be much better: being able
to send emails and keep historical email record.

Even if I use gmail right now, I'm fine with using any other web mail
or desktop client for using the president email. If it has some kind
of smtp or similar, better, but if it has to be a webmail, I can

Let me know if this is possible.

Cheers and thanks for your good work!