[SAC] download.osgeo.org Status


Late last week John got the .218 telascience blade reinstalled and working.
This weekend Alex and I with some help from Chris and Jurgen got most of the
services running on the download blade again.

  * I managed to get LDAP working to the telascience LDAP shell group. This
    was pretty messy and I didn't take good notes. I'll try to make detailed
    notes the next time I do it.
  * I rsync'ed the contents of the backup download tree from OSU OSL to the
    download blade.
  * I setup vsftpd (for the historical ftp.remotesensing.org access), and
    Mark Lucas repointed that DNS entry for me.
  * I setup the download.osgeo.org apache configuration, but lacking any of
    the special throttling stuff we had in place before.
  * Alex worked on WebDAV support for the Maven folks.
  * I set up rsyncd to provide anonymous rsync read access for backing up
    and mirroring though I haven't yet re-enabled this on the backup server.

  1) I did not attempt to setup awstats. I'm not planning to take this on,
     so hopefully someone who cares about download stats will do so.
  2) None of the stuff about limiting the number of connections from one IP
     was put in place. I think there is a ticket documenting this that we
     could dig up to try and redo it.
  3) the WebDAV stuff is likely not working yet - I had to comment out the
     contents of /etc/apache2/conf.d/ldap_auth_url.in which had an invalidity

  Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/conf.d/ldap_auth_url.inc:
  AuthType not allowed here

   4) Only a few people (me, Alex, Jurgen) have sudo access. I can add more as

Let me know if folks see problems.

Best regards,
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