[SAC] Download server has moved and requires SSH key access to upload

Just an FYI, I moved the download.osgeo.org, upload.osgeo.org to a new home
It is now on a debian 9, running nginx (instead of Apache)

And most importantly the thing that tripped up a lot of people is I have
blocked password access.

If you did not have your ssh public keys installed on the old server, it
means you will not be able to upload your project artifacts.

A couple of people have had issues with this of which I have resolved by
putting their public key in their home folders.

If you are having issues, please put in a SAC ticket.


and one of us will address.


I not longer work for boundless so we will need to contact Torben or Tom with respect to the build.geoserver.org configuration. The server is actually down for maintenance so they may not be in position to test right away.

I am not quite sure what you mean by “blocked password” access?

I note you are still forwarding from http → https. Keep in mind we are using the maven build system (and many projects around the world are making use of this server). If you need us to change the endpoint it will need to be coordinated and announced.


Jody Garnett