[SAC] experimental import of trac tickets to Gogs

I've written a tool [1] to import trac tickets to Gogs
and given it a try on a clone of the GEOS repository.
Here's the result:


Priorities, components, severities and versions are translated
to labels. Milestones are also imported.


Assignees and Reporters are not always correct because users
need to *exist* in Gogs before they can be set as assignee
or reporter of tickets. In those cases, the script adds an
header to the ticket summary or comment with the original
author (name or email, as found in Trac) and uses the Gogs
admin user as the assignee/reporter.

Attachments are not imported by the script, I hadn't studied
the problem in depth, so dunno if it's possible to do that.

TracLinks are not resolved, this I think could be improved
in the script (if someone is interested in helping out with it)

[1] https://notabug.org/strk/trac2gogs


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