[SAC] File management on osgeo.org

There is some confusion (myself included) about the 'best' way to add new files to the web site.

During the migration files were imported using a variety of methods - Kanhaiya can you describe how they were handled?

From my perspective it looks like there were two approaches... one was to create an 'empty' node but to attach a file to it. The other was to upload the file directly to the filesystem (e.g. via scp command) and put the file in an accessible location (/var/www/html/files - for example).

I think we should consider using one of Drupal's several different file management modules that are available:
One of these was tried on the old community.osgeo.org site for managing conference document archive.

Does anyone have any better solutions for handling such things (WebDav??). What do you think?