[SAC] FOSS4G 2012 Website

Gao Ang,
thanks for sendings this, it looks really good.

Conference Team,
I have just uploaded the FOSS4G 2012 web site Gao Ang sent to the OSGeo
SVN at:

It contains the content of the new FOS4G 2012 web site. The Beijing
local team will need to have write access to this directory, please
communicate on this list to get this done.

The web site also still needs double-checks, just to make sure
everything is filled with content and working right. We should probably
fill out some of the plenary speakers as far as we already have them,
add the brochure, etc. Not sure whether the sponsor logos all empty so
far look that good. Please discuss on this list.

After the site is ready for publishing someone with access credentials
has to upload it to http://2012.foss4g.org (probably someone from the
local team should also have access in order to update the web site in
regular intervals).

The domain http://2012.foss4g.org/ currently redirects to the Wiki, this
also has to be undone once the site is ready to go online, probably by SAC.

I hope posting to several lists does not make this fall through the
cracks but instead we all work together to get this done asap. It is
good to see this progress but we are not quite ready to publish yet.

I arrive in Seattle on Tuesday afternoon with hopefully better
connectivity than here in Lima (we just had a small earthquake but all
is still functional...).


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: FOSS4G 2012 Website
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 10:42:34 +0800
From: Gao Ang <tomgaoang@gmail.com>
To: Arnulf Christl <arnulf@osgeo.org>
CC: xianfeng song <song.osgeo@gmail.com>

Dear Arnulf:

The first edition of FOSS4G 2012 Website is attached in this letter.
Can you help us update the website to the address http://2012.foss4g.org/
Thanks a lot.