[SAC] ftp server for download.osgeo.org


One of the services I need a new home for from www.gdal.org is the ftp
site ftp.remotesensing.org. I'd like to "merge" it with the contents of
download.osgeo.org, and serve the same directory from http as
download.osgeo.org and via anonymous ftp as ftp://download.osgeo.org *and*

I have used vsftpd for an anonymous only ftp server on www.gdal.org for
a couple years or so, and had no problems. In this configuration it should
be quite secure.

Are there any objections?

I have created a ticket for this task at:


BTW, ftp.remotesensing.org is currently primarily home to gdal,
geotiff/libgeotiff, libtiff, and proj.

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