[SAC] Getting started page

I have edited the getting started page as we now use a single OSGeo User ID for both website and wiki page https://www.osgeo.org/community/getting-started-osgeo/


If you wish to be an OSGeo member please add yourself to one of these two lists:

  1. This website lists OSGeo members who believe in our our world wide mission. To be listed here create an OSGeo User ID, and login to the website to create a profile.

  2. Our wiki has a map of members. To be listed click the ‘log in‘ button on the upper right hand corner of the Wiki and follow the instructions.


To be listed as an OSGeo member who believes in our world-wide mission:

  1. Create an OSGeo User ID, which is the user-name used for our website and wiki.
  2. Add yourself to one or both member lists:
    • Login to this website (in the upper right corner above) to create a profile. Profile pages are listed OSGeo members.
    • Login to the OSGeo wiki - click the ‘log in’ button on the upper right hand corner of the wiki and follow the instructions. The wiki map of members shows individuals world wide.

Just doing Bolsena Code Sprint and running into glitches onboarded innocent developers.


Jody Garnett