[SAC] git (dvcs) hosting, tools


Wolf requested DVCS access for SOC students. I took a bit
and looked up what it would take to set it up. It turned out
to not be too difficult, and so I tossed up a git repository
for SOC work.

I've set up the:


DNS name, and created a:


script on the tracsvn machine; this takes care of creating
the repo and the Apache config, by running it like:

  /osgeo/tools/create_git_repo.sh soc

In addition, I created a tool to create a new LDAP group:

/osgeo/tools/create_ldap_group.py soc wolf

This will create a new SVN LDAP group, and assign wolf as
the admin. (No more web admin for LDAP to create new repos!

There is also a create_svn_repo.py script; it works the
same way as the git script.


To add a new project:
   /osgeo/tools/create_ldap_group.py soc wolf
   /osgeo/tools/create_git_repo.py soc
   /etc/init.d/apache2 reload
   /osgeo/tools/create_ldap_group.py soc wolf
   /osgeo/tools/create_svn_repo.py soc
   /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

I have not yet done the same for Trac. This is next on my

Best Regards,
Christopher Schmidt