[SAC] git repo for GEOS created (pushing a bit forward)

FYI: I've created a git repo for "php-geos", a proposed split
of the PHP binding of GEOS into its own repository.

The /osgeo/tools/create_git_repo.sh raised a few errors and I had
to do some steps manually. What I did was:

1. Move the created repo from /var/www/git/
    to /var/www/git/repos/

2. Touch git-daemon-export-ok in it (to allow git-daemon access)

3. Add apache configuration under /etc/apache2/includes/git/

4. Move common Mod-Rewrite for /git from
    /etc/apache2/includes/git/gittest.conf to
    /etc/apache2/sites-available/git.conf (for git.osgeo.org)

I've modified the "create_git_repo.sh" script and the relative
"git.template" file (both under /osgeo/tools) to do 1, 2 and 3
steps properly. A review is welcome.

So now you can access the "php-geos" repository with:

     git://git.osgeo.org/php-geos # read-only
     https://<osgeo\_user>@git.osgeo.org/git/php-geos # read-write

Tests are welcome.

As the next step, I'll want to try referencing this new repository
from the existing trac for project "geos".

Keep up the love !