[SAC] Gitea-1.2.1 deploy

Today I've tried deploying gitea-1.2.1 on the tracsvn machine (same on
which gogs is installed). I've pointed it at a clone of the gogs
database, which was successfully auto-upgraded on first start.

Templates also seemed to be correctly handled, so things look
promising. The only trouble was that Gitea-1.2.1 requires git-1.8+
while 1.7 was installed. I've downloaded a .deb for wheezy and
installed that one manually, which also required installing a
newer bash_completion package.

Right now the apt database is in a bit of mess, with non-completely
configured packages due to the above git thing. Maybe someone
more knowledgeable than me in Debian maintainance knows who to
fix things ?

The configuration used for gitea was put in the gogs-config repository [1],
under a "gitea" branch.

The apache configuration is sitting on the machine, as uncommitted
changes (now commented out the /gitea Proxy)

[1] https://git.osgeo.org/gogs/sac/gogs-config.git

The plan to make it effective would be:

1) Stop the service (or turn it read-only)
2) Clone the database again
3) Clone the repositories
4) Start the gitea service (will upgrade db clone)
5) Redirect /gogs to /gitea

I'm not sure when I'll have time for doing the above, but maybe I
should wait for the dpkg mess to be cleaned up before doing it
anyway, anyone willing to help there ?