[SAC] [Hosting] Brief Internet Outage (5:55 - 6:10AM PDT)


Our upstream provider LinkOregon had an unplanned outage which caused our internet connection to go offline for about 15 minutes a few hours ago. Below are the details:

The CORV-KERR Data Center was briefly unavailable after losing power and the UPS crashing. Both power and UPS have been restored. This caused the Link Oregon equipment to reboot and for services to be down between 05:55 and 06:10. No additional outages are expected at this time. OSU Staff are investigating root cause of the power event.

You can follow updates to this incident here [1].

This is a separate datacenter from where our equipment is hosted, however it is in the same building. As far as I can tell, our systems were not directly impacted by this power event.

[1] https://sn-tools.grnoc.iu.edu/public-task-viewer/?method=show_task&task_id=INC0150376


Lance Albertson

Oregon State University | Open Source Lab