[SAC] [Hosting] Ganeti software upgrade - Feb 12, 2020 11am-12pm PST (1900-2000 UTC)


We’re going to be performing a software upgrade on our production Ganeti VM clusters on Feb 12, 2020 between 11am-12pm PST (1900-2000 UTC). This is not to be confused with our OpenStack clusters as those are completely separate and will not be affected. We will be upgrading two clusters (OSL prod, CiviCRM) from 2.11.8 to 2.15.2 which includes support for the newer version of qemu-kvm we’re now using. We started noticing that live migration stopped working properly due to the lack of support in the older version we are using. This will ensure that will continue to work.

We had delayed this upgrade on our remaining clusters due to a problem we encountered during the upgrade where all VMs on the cluster would be abruptly powered off. Since then, we have replicated the issue in a testing environment and have come up with a solution that works around that issue. It seems to stem from the fact this upgrade goes from using a standard SysV init script to a systemd unit file.

We do not foresee any outages that will happen during this upgrade, however I wanted to send this email out just in case something did happen.



Lance Albertson

Oregon State University | Open Source Lab