[SAC] [Hosting] mysql1-vip (mysql1/mysql2) OS Upgrade | May 24th and 31st, 2023 20:00-24:00 UTC


We will be upgrading our mysql1-vip MySQL cluster (mysql1/mysql2) Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 and Wednesday, May 31st, 2023. Both upgrades will take place between 20:00-24:00 UTC (1pm-5pm PDT). No or minimal downtime is expected, however the entirety of both maintenance windows is reserved.

Prior to the upgrades (~11am PDT), we will be running a backup of the cluster. We expect no downtime from this backup operation.

We are upgrading the operating system and configuration management on these two servers to AlmaLinux 8 and Chef respectively. The version of MySQL will not change.

If you are using the mysql1-vip cluster, please make sure you are using the mysql1-vip.osuosl.org address instead of mysql1/2.osuosl.org directly or outages will occur.

We have tested this upgrade in a separate environment and believe that it will have minimal impact to projects on the cluster. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We’ll be in #osuosl on Libera Chat during the upgrade in case any one needs to contact us directly.


Ethan Hampton
Student Systems Engineer
Oregon State University | Open Source Lab

We will be switching the virtual IP over to mysql2 shortly after 2PM PDT today in preparation for doing our mysql1 migration next week. There shouldn’t be any outages, but we’re sending this just in case there is a problem.


Lance Albertson

Oregon State University | Open Source Lab