[SAC] [Hosting] Planned NERO maintenance notifications moving forward


It seems as though the frequency of planned NERO maintenance is rather high and I’d rather not flood your inboxes as much. Moving forward I’m planning on only sending notifications to this list about NERO in case there is an actual outage with an update that impacts us. If you want to keep tabs on any network related outages moving forward I recommend you either subscribe to our Status.io page [1] which I will update with these notices or you can directly subscribe to NERO’s email list [2].

As such, there are two upcoming planned NERO maintenance’s scheduled this week [3][4].

If you have any further questions or concerns please let me know. Thanks!

[1] http://status.osuosl.org/
[2] http://www.nero.net/mailman/listinfo/outages
[3] http://status.osuosl.org/pages/maintenance/526712bf10cd4e587b000014/59b190b3ce070a20050004e5
[4] http://status.osuosl.org/pages/maintenance/526712bf10cd4e587b000014/59b1910a331fbea4050004f9


Lance Albertson

Oregon State University | Open Source Lab