[SAC] [Hosting] Planned web3 PHP upgrade - Tuesday Aug. 4 2200 UTC

Service(s) affected: websites hosted on web3, namely:

We are planning to perform a PHP version upgrade on web3 from 7.1 to 7.3 next
Tuesday, August 4th at 2200 UTC. PHP 7.1 has been EOL’d for some time now and
we would like to get our node upgraded to a supported version. Sites will be
down for approximately 5 minutes within the window while we perform the upgrade.
We don’t expect any breakages with the current sites, but please double-check
PHP 7.3 compatibility to verify.

Outage Window:
Start: Tuesday August 4 2020 @ 2200UTC
End: Tuesday August 4 2020 @ 2230UTC

If you have a conflict / issue with this time, please let us know and we can reschedule.


Robert Dejens
Student Systems Engineer