[SAC] Improvements to the PEER 1 Backup Environments are Coming!

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From: PEER 1 Dedicated Hosting Support <donotreplydh@peer1.com>
Date: February 21, 2007 9:32:42 AM PST (CA)
Subject: Improvements to the PEER 1 Backup Environments are Coming!
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Dear Valued Customer:

Reinforcing our commitment to provide you with the very best dedicated hosting solution in the market, we are excited to announce the introduction of our state-of-the-art Tivoli Storage Manager disk to disk based backup solution using SAN (Storage Area Network) technology for our customers subscribing to either daily or weekly backups in our Atlanta data center.

We're glad to inform you that your existing Veritas Backups system qualifies for this product transition. We will be moving your existing backup service from the current software (Veritas) into the new Tivoli system over the course of the next few months. To help you be prepared, we will send a follow-up message via ticket as we move closer to the target date.

If you are interested in being part of the first wave of customers to be moved into the new system, we invite you to request an "Early Tivoli Transfer" by opening a ticket at https://dhsupport.peer1.com. In the ticket, please make sure to provide working administrative level login credentials so we may expedite your request.

Once the transition has taken place on your server you will enjoy higher levels of performance and reliability of the new Tivoli Data Backup system. Additionally, the improved backup system features a progressive constant incremental backup strategy that provides a more efficient backup and restoration environment. The Tivoli software, SAN infrastructure and our expert Backup Professionals combine to provide you the very best data backup solution in the managed dedicated hosting market.

For additional information on what is included with our Tivoli Backups, please visit:

Thank you for your cooperation in this product transition. If you have any questions please call PEER1 Dedicated support at 1-877-504-0091 or 1-305-717-6600 for international customers. You may also open a ticket at https://dhsupport.peer1.com.

Thank you for your continued business and support.


Your PEER1 Dedicated Hosting Team

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