[SAC] Infrastucture Support for non-OSGeo projects


From time to time there have been projects who have expressed an interest
in OSGeo infrastructural support, but are not formally OSGeo projects
(ie. not in, or post incubation). One example was gpsd several months
ago. The Kids GIS project can be seen in this light. From time to
time I've contemplated migrating libtiff, libgeotiff, and proj here. And
also brand new projects, such as one that John Graham is looking to
establish for mobile applications.

But for various reasons many of these were not well suited to the incubation
process (too small, not a simple software projects, just getting started,

I would like to propose SAC can choose to provide services to such projects
without them becoming officially sanctioned OSGeo projects, or go through
incubation. It is important that these projects *not* be described as
OSGeo projects on the main page, or elsewhere though since they haven't
been through the strict incubation process and are not considered vetted
by OSGeo.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? An objection?

Assuming folks are reasonably supportive of this idea, I'd ask John
to introduce his project to SAC and what services he would be interested.

PS. I have cc:ed the incubator, but would like the discussion to continue
on the SAC list unless there is some very incubation related objections.

Best regards,
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