[SAC] Letsencrypt enabled for europe.foss4g.org

I've enabled HTTPS for europe.foss4g.org using letsencrypt
certificate: https://europe.foss4g.org

The sysadmin@osgeo mail was used to register with the service,
so that's were notices of expiration will be sent.

Renewal is performed montly (1st of every month, at 1:30am)
via cron (sudo crontab -e).

Letsencrypt SSL certificates are under /etc/letsencrypt,
which was put under GIT revision control (to more easily
spot what changed).

On the apache side, I added a letsencrypt-options-ssl.conf
file to /etc/apache/sites-available to be included from
site configurations willing to do SSL with letsencrypt.

Let's see how things go for a few months and then we
can switch other services (planet?).


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