[SAC] mapserver.osgeo.org


MapServer is in the process of migrating the final piece of its infrastructure to OSGeo. That final piece is its website, and the transition will not include taking Plone along for the ride. Instead, the MapServer project has been restructuring its documents to use a Doxygen-like process with a tool called Sphinx. You can see a test of the website at http://mapserver.maptools.org.

The new site is completely static and it is very well fit to be running on the .219 blade similar to gdal.org. A nightly process will be used to regenerate the documentation from svn. Similar to the other sites on that machine, its web files will live in /osgeo/mapserver/mapserver-web and a .conf file will be created to serve these static files.

Therefore, I have created a new A record in DNS pointing -> mapserver.osgeo.org. There was a MapServer info sheet living in Drupal at that address that was being scooped up by the wildcard.